Lost parents / children

Lost? Parents wandered off – parents have a habit of not staying where you left them! Head to the Kahurangi Friends Info and EFT POS tent (by the hall) for help.


Being in the ‘burbs on-street parking will fill up quickly.  Remember to drive carefully – there will be HEAPS of young kids, and please don’t park over someone’s driveway.  To save the hassle we suggest you walk, bike or take public transport


There are 2 options:

Will there be wheelchair accessible toilets?

Yes absolutely, there will be a wheelchair accessible portaloo. Please note it’s on the field, accessible over grass 

Can we bring our pet dog?

Sorry, it is a loud, stressful environment for our four legged friends.  And some kids are really scared of dogs. Please don’t make us ask you to go because you’ve brought your dog – it makes us feel stink.  So, best to leave Fido at home.

That’s just for pet dogs – we want Kotahi to be accessible to everyone and service dogs are totally welcome.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes, you can. Most people bring a picnic a long but there will be food trucks also (see our food page). Don’t forget your water bottle to fill up at the drink fountain!

What does koha mean?

Koha is a donation, but it is not expected.  It is awesome when you give though and we really, really appreciate it. Check out the bottom of this page for more information on how donations are used.

I really want a t-shirt!

Send us an email: kahurangifriends@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do

What else should I bring?

We can experience four seasons in one day – so bring layers, including something warm. Don’t miss out on that legendary performance because a southerly blast comes through and you’re only in a singlet. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Kahurangi Friends seem awesome – can I join?

We’d love that!  Our group is made up of parents of kids at Kahurangi School, parents of kids at other schools, people that aren’t even parents and just want to help out.  All welcome. Drop us a line at kahurangifriends@gmail.com or visit our website here.

Where does my donation at the gate go?

We are very grateful for donations received in the buckets at the gates at Kotahi. Donations are voluntary, you don’t have to donate to attend the event. Kotahi is open access and free to all.

Donations are used by Kahurangi Friends to help pay for Kotahi. While most of the funding needed to run the event comes from our funding partners and supporters, we are often short of breaking even. Costs at the event include technical, like the stage and the sound system, facilities like the portaloos and paying the artists for their performances. We have extraordinary volunteers that also make the event possible. Nobody is paid to run Kotahi and it takes hundreds of hours to pull it all together. We do it for the love of Strathmore Park and for the kids.

Sometimes Kahurangi Friends receives more donations than it needs to run the event. If there is a surplus we make donations to Kahurangi School. However, Kotahi is not a fundraiser for Kahurangi School, it is an event for the community. If you want to contribute to the school you can buy something from the cake stall or donate at the stall. 

Kahurangi Friends is a non-profit charitable trust run by volunteers.