Kahurangi Friends

Candy Floss $2/$4

Hāngi $12

Pork Buns $4

Vegetarian Samosas $5

Drinks available

Roxy Cinema

Coffee, ice creams and other treats

Janeen’s Feel Good Food

Hot chips with tomato sauce and/or aoili $5

Supercharged salad on fried bread $5

Vegan Kawakawa soup $5 

Water bottles and canned drinks $2

Blue Sky Munchies

Hotdog & chips $5

Fish bites & chips $5

Falafel wraps $10

Butter chicken & rice bowl $5

Drinks $2

Hell Pizza

Snack sized pizza $9

La Boca Loca – Locka Trocka

Tacos $6 

Burritos $12

Quesadillas $10 

Turmeric chicken 

Duck Carnitas

Chipotle Tempeh (vegan)

Raukawa Community Centre Atua Group

Chop suey, curry and rice

Garuda Indonesian

Indonesian street food 

Dove Love

BBQ delights – Burgers and sausage sizzle

K & K Cambodian Food Caravan

Chicken/Beef skewer $3.50-$9

Chicken/Beef baguette $8

Bay/Lot Cha $12


R18 Area – Kinghorne Street

Parrotdog Pop up Brewery

Enjoy a drink at the Pop up brewery – just off site, but with a great view of the action. Kranskies and sauerkraut available to purchase at the Parrotdog BBQ if the hunger pangs hit.